Communities to Follow For Bitcoin News (Part I)

Social media is the best place to stay updated about the news and information about the topics we are interested in. just follow the community or the group of your interest and bingo!! You will receive the updates daily or multiple times in a day. However, the investors or the finance geek among us wants to stay updated about bitcoin as well as bitcoin hack generator which is becoming a challenging part of everyday news. As there are hundreds of communities floating in the market with their versions of latest news and insights. Hence, people don’t know which community to follow to get the right results. Well, I am here going to discuss few of the communities you can follow or join, to begin with.


Reddit: the front page of the internet, is the one place to get various types of social news along with a rating on content and a place for discussion on the internet which is not a forum but a website. It is two communities dedicated to the bitcoin news and discussions on the same. First is /r/Bitcoin which is the community completely dedicated to topics related to bitcoins, be it news, technical analysis or political debates you can find all of these here however it do not allow some types of discussions such as discussing about altcoins or the topics which fall into the category of highly controversial.

The second community is named as /r/BTC, where normally the topic of discussions are related to the news of Bitcoin Unlimited and blockchain. Both the communities follow strict rules regarding the discussion style and writing. So think before you step in any discussion.


The second in the list is Bitcointalk, it is a discussion forum for the Bitcoin enthusiasts. Here you can discuss about any news and information related to bitcoin or alt-coins or the well-known topic of bitcoin wallet hack. I doubt there is any news which slips from the eyes of these people as they have the news as soon as it hits the market, along with numerous points to jump in the discussion. Those who are interested in doing some bitcoin transactions can always head to the section under the name “marketplace” on the site, although one needs to remember to stay safe and should not trust everyone who talks pleasantly on the internet.



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